How to fix a wet phone: What to do?

--- Twister Wireless

If you have dropped your phone in the toilet, what should you do? Call your neighbors!!!!
Who does not have a wet phone issue? Specially if you are having kids in the house, a spill, going to beach or perhaps caught in the terrible weather. First what comes to our mind is looking for dry cloth. But it just does not do the magic trick for you. Slowly your cloud judgement looks for ways to find solutions. Your nearby friends may be saying take your phone to a phone service store. Sure, that can be done. But there are few thinks you can do before spending money and time.

Twister Wireless suggest you do these following things for yourself.

  • 1. Make sure take your phone out of the water
  • 2. Turn the phone off and remove the battery (not for all branded phones)
  • 3. Remove the sim and memory cards
  • 4. Get a tissue and soak water from the phone
  • 5. You can also use an air blower gently but do not blow hot air.
  • 6. Use rice treatment for drawing out moisture (may be a myth)
I hope no one gets a wet phone. But life gets the unexpected. You can also google for solutions.

Now the questions are:
  •  How long you must leave your phone with rice treatment?
  •  How much rice you need?
  •  Is there any rice that does the trick?

Twister Wireless or its partner company can independently verify this theorem.

Many bloggers recommend keeping up to 72 hours. TCC rocks recommends 24 to 72 hours. Twister Wireless wants you to follow steps 1 to 5 then a rice therapy. If your phone still not back to square one, then we recommend seeing your service specialist. There is no independent survey shows that the rice treatment works but many experts, including TCC rocks, thinks the rice treatment is actually myth.

According to TCC rocks,
“A different study found that rice was not an effective drying agent. In fact, putting a phone in rice was even less effective than leaving the device in the open air to dry naturally on its own. The problem is, every second lost to putting a phone in rice, or allowing it to dry naturally in the open air for a day or two, damages the smartphone more. This same study found smartphone owners have the best chance of restoring a wet phone – if they do so in 48 hours or less. It’s clear that wasting time with rice can do more harm than good to your wet phone.”

So, with all your try and error, keep one thing in mind not to damage any of the buttons and ports. Twister Wireless service specialist can dry your phone in less than an hour with keeping your data in solid state.