Frequently asked Questions

Q1: Do you sell the latest iPhone models in your store?

Ans: Twister Wireless guarantees in-stock availability of the latest iPhone models. You can choose from multiple colors originally offered by Apple.

Q2:"How does the camera quality compare to previous models?"

Ans: The camera quality of the latest iPhone models typically improves with each new release. Apple often introduces enhancements such as improved sensors, better image processing algorithms, and additional features like enhanced low-light performance or improved optical zoom. Twister Wireless's friendly sales associate always demonstrates the camera functionality at the time of sale

Q3: "What is the battery life of the iphone sold at the store ?"

Ans: Most of the iPhones sold at Twister Wireless are covered by a manufacturing warranty. Within the warranty period, you should be able to replace them at the local Apple Store free of charge

Q4: "Does the phone sold at Twister wireless support the latest software updates?"

Ans: The iPhones sold at Twister Wireless follow the same update pattern as phones sold at the Apple Store. So you can trust our quality new, used, and refurbished iPhones.

Q5:"How much storage space does the iPhone offer?"

Ans: The amount of storage space offered by an iPhone depends on the specific model you're considering. As of my last update, iPhone models typically come with storage options ranging from 64GB to 512GB, though this can vary depending on the model and any updates released since then. It's always a good idea to check the latest specifications on the Apple website or with a retailer to see the current storage options available for the model you're interested in. You can also call our store at (405) 604-9777 or click here to check our iPhone page.

Q6: "What are the reviews or opinions of current iPhone users who bought iPhone from Twister Wireless?"

Ans: Twister wireless serving Oklahomans from three locations. We have a large number of followers on our facebook page. Please follow us on facebook. Check our Facebook Review. Check our Google page and leave a review please.

Q7: "Does the iPhone come with any special promotions or deals at Twister wireless?"

Ans: Twister Wireless always has some special details. Check our website or call any of our three locations today.

Apple plans on three new iPhone in 2019.

Author: Mo Akand 11/1/2019


Smartphone growth in 2019 | Twister Wireless

Author: Mo Akand 02/14/2019

The growth of smartphone usage is faster than expected. According to, “The number of smartphone users to grow around 2.5 billion in 2019.” Many experts are projecting a higher number. In the era of internet, that’s why ecommerce’s revenue is sharply on the rise. Companies like Amazon, Jindong, Alibaba, eBay, Rakuten, and so many others are projecting higher than expected revenue in 2019. But how long it will sustain? Who are the major industries banking the growth? Are we dependent on it because of the convenience? How it will help or hurt our local businesses? Let’s start with who are the conglomerate companies in the smartphone industry. According to Forbes, the top three companies are:Samsung, Huawei, and Apple.

Why the sartphone usage is growing so rapidly:
• Connection to your friends and families • All contact information • Checking emails and appointments • Social media and similar platform • News, weather, map and more • Photos and memories • Search for all errands This list can keep on going. In the recent years the growth of app usages, mobile friendly web application, ecommerce, social media, and mobile banking are the indicators of why it is trending. If you look at the global progress with wireless communication technologies, it is a no brainer to make the judgement of the current and future trend of smartphone usage.

Smartphone usage for ecommerce:
According to eMarketer, smartphones have an enormous impact on the mobile ecommerce in recent years and it will continue to grow. In 2018, total spending reached $208.3 billion which is 32 percent higher than 2017’s. The fact is E-commerce will represent 12.4 percent of U.S. retail sales in 2020. Everyday there are hundreds of ecommerce sites popping up as startups. Not to mention that ecommerce will further grow thanks to increasing smartphone usage. It is much more convenient to stay connected with smartphone users for the businesses who are engaged in ecommerce. Think about a client who is shopping with a Brick and Mortar store in India while he/she is vacationing in Hawaii, USA. Mobile business have taken a leap because of the increase of smartphone usage. So, the businesses, who are planning to be part of the mobile ecommerce in 2019, should start with a mobile friendly website. Make sure your ecommerce site is SEO friendly to reach out to those smartphone users.