Back2School Huge Sale

Summer is almost over and back to school time. We all need the new geeks before heading back to school. We need new cloths, shoes, begs, books and electronics. This is the time parents are looking for best deal in town. Many businesses offer special deals. Oklahoma state will offer the tax-free week with major retailers. Twister wireless is not far off. We are also offering back to school special deals to help parents in Oklahoma. We are offering those sells from all our locations.

Here is our North Oklahoma City location:
4548 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73127 call@ 405 604 9777
Our South Oklahoma City location:
2920 South Agnew Ave, Oklahoma City, OK-73107 call@405 429 7914

You, parents, can find specials on iPhones, Android phones, Apple Watches, and other tablets as well. We guaranteed stock on most of the makes and models.

We have huge collection of accessories. Do not forget to check with our repair team.

Twister wireless is your Oklahoma City iPhone store. Visit our stores today to get the best deals before the sale get over. Our smart phones get 20 points inspection before we put it on the shelves. Our phone has clean IMEI number and factory unlocked. They will work with most of the carriers.

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